Campaign under way to have criminals known to community


The mother an innocent young man murdered in a gang shooting is lobbying for a website that identifies known gangsters to the community.



In October, Eileen Mohan’s son, Chris, 22, was executed gang-style along with five other men in the apartment across the hall from his.


"After I buried my son I wondered what to do," Eileen said yesterday at a memorial service for Mohan and Ed Schellenberg, who was killed at the same time.

"I was thinking how can these gangsters be roaming our streets, taking innocent lives. I was living beside some of them and I didn’t know who they were.

"Police say we have to come forward and give evidence but how can we give evidence when we don’t know who these people are?" she said. "If they are known to law enforcement they should be known to us."

Eileen proposed the creation of a website of gangsters, complete with their mug shots and a list of their crimes, adding it would also put accountability on their families.

Cory Rollins, who went to high school with Chris Mohan, said you don’t have to know someone to speak out against gang violence.

"Criminals form gangs because there’s power in numbers. So why aren’t educated, hard-working people forming groups and having power in numbers?"

Const. Tim Fanning, spokesman for the Vancouver Police, said the idea of a gangster website is under consideration.

"We have to look at all aspects of whether it’s lawful to do and whether it’s going to glorify the gang lifestyle," he said.

no arrests made

  • Gilles Andre LePage and Ricardo Scarpino – shot outside Gotham Steakhouse in Vancouver last month.

  • Gurmit Singh Dhak and his girlfriend – shot by masked gunmen who opened fire outside the Quattro restaurant in Kitsilano in October.

  • Two people killed and six wounded – in a shooting at the Fortune Happiness restaurant in East Vancouver in September.

  • Kirk Holifield – gunned down in case of mistaken identity in Richmond last year.