After being shot in March, the Northern Texas Sheriff Deputy, James Boyd, is expected to head back to work on Sunday, according to the Star-Telegram. The video taken by the deputy's dash cam, showing the incident became an internet sensation.


The man who shot Boyd, was Evan Spencer Ebel from Colorado, was recently paroled from prison and a suspect in the killing of a prison chief. Boyd pulled him over on suspicion of drug charges. Upon arriving at the car the suspect pulled out his gun hitting Boyd three times. He was hit twice in his bullet proof vest and one grazed his forehead. He immediately fell to the ground as Ebel sped off in his Cadillac. Boyd was later assisted and Ebel was killed in a shoot-out with the local police.


In accordance with his physical therapy, Boyd will do dispatch in Dallas.The Montague County Sheriff, Paul Cunningham is happy to have his deputy back after the deputy recovered for two months.


Here is a look back at the video that made this story so incredible: