Alberta’s oilsands projects will soon be producing a surplus of electricity that can be exported in large volumes to American customers, government documents obtained by Metro have found.


An energy department report reveals that at least 2.5 MWh of power could be annually exported by 2020, with neighbouring provinces and the U.S. being possible targets for the operation.


Meanwhile, Tonbridge Power, a Toronto-based energy firm, is pushing through the regulatory process to build the first transmission line between Alberta and Montana.


“Alberta is where energy comes from,” one of their corporate documents states. “The U.S. (notably California) needs it.”

Energy Minister Mel Knight said the province’s export of electricity shouldn’t be viewed as any different than exports like oil and gas.

Montana utility companies are eager have the province join their electrical grid so they can swap power back and forth at variable rates, said Paul Cartwright, a senior energy analyst with the Montana government.

“If you’ve got an economical source of power then we’ll take it,” he said.