Paaeez caters to an eclectic clientele, our columnist writes.



569 College St.



Ambience: This self-styled hookah bar (shisha or water pipes for those who haven’t had the pleasure) and drink lounge offers an interesting alternative to the regular College Street fare. The relaxed Middle Eastern vibe is put to good use as regulars lounge in hookah-loving bliss, while others indulge themselves sampling the lengthy martini list. The dimly lit surrounds and predictably mellow beats offer an intimate setting perfect for those on the dating scene or those planning smaller, more personal social events.

Crowd: Hipsters, students and College Street stalwarts make up the bulk of Paaeez’s eclectic clientele. The blend of ultra-chilled mood, pipes and the drinks make this one of the most laid-back venues in the area.

Dress code: There’s really none to speak of, but with the mixed crowd comes a varied range of clothing. Opt for funky urban with a touch of class and you should fit in nicely.

Should I dance on the bar? Not a good idea.

Will I get lucky? There’s a chance, but the odds improve if you make this an after-dinner destination to cap off a date night.

Best accessory: Your very own hookah, of course.

Cocktail du jour: Martinis are the preferred beverage for the non-pipe-loving set. The list is long and varied so there shouldn’t be a problem finding a suitable choice. The wine list by the glass is fairly limited, but selected with enough care to make most of the options worth ordering.

Hours: Wednesday through Sunday, 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.