The infamous coat rack used by reality show contestant Ryan Jenkins to hang himself was decorated and turned into a morbid display at a Halloween party.

The rack was removed and given by the former manager of the Thunderbird Motel to a friend last month after the room’s new occupant complained it “creeped him out” and kept him awake at night, according to

In a photo posted on that website, a woman is seen dressed as a devil in front of the coat rack. Behind it, on what looks like a piece of yellow cardboard, is written Official Ryan Jenkins Last Stop.

The new manager of the Hope motel, who yesterday refused to give out his name, said he started the job three days ago and is not interested in talking about the Aug. 23 suicide.

“It’s way behind us,” he said. “(Former manager) Kevin Walker no longer resides here.”
He added he hasn’t even been in the room where the Calgary millionaire-turned-reality TV contestant hanged himself.

Jenkins was the subject of a North America-wide manhunt after the naked, mutilated body of his wife, model Jasmine Fiore, was found stuffed in a suitcase in a dumpster on Aug. 15.

He snuck across the Washington-B.C. border and was dropped off at the Thunderbird Motel by a blond woman driving a PT Cruiser with Alberta licence plates.

Three days later he committed suicide. His father, Dan Jenkins, said he believes his son is innocent, but police say he was the only suspect in the murder.