For the last 40 years, Earth Day’s mission has been to promote the importance of being environmentally conscious and companies appear to be listening.

One-in-ten employers say they have added “green jobs,” or environmentally focused positions, in the last 12 months and despite the tough economy, and nearly 10 per cent plan to add more in 2010, according to a new national survey of more than 2,700 hiring managers by CareerBuilder.

Companies are not only adding environmentally friendly positions within their organizations, but they are strengthening their in-house green programs as well. Nearly 70 per cent of companies say they have added programs to be more environmentally conscious in the last year. The most popular green programs include:


• Recycling (47 per cent)
• Using less paper (43 per cent)
• Controlling lighting (40 per cent)
• Powering down computers at the end of the day (29 per cent)
• Purchasing office supplies made from recycled materials (25 per cent)

“Green opportunities continue to grow as companies take advantage of increased government programs designed to spur job growth and reduce the country’s carbon footprint,” said Rosemary Haefner, of CareerBuilder. "The green category has expanded over the past few years and job seekers are finding environmentally friendly positions in virtually every industry and at every job level."

The following are examples of green job opportunities that can be found at, CareerBuilder’s site designed to connect “green” employers and job seekers:
• Hydrologist;
• GIS analyst;
• Solar energy system designer;
• Wildlife biologist;
• Science teacher;
• Pollution control technician;
• Waste management engineer;
• Organic chemist;
• Environmental attorney;
• Urban planner.

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