More funding now to curb graffiti in the Halifax Regional Municipality could save costs down the road, according to a report from the Graffiti Task Force.

Halifax regional council will receive the task force’s report on its efforts to “eradicate” graffiti over the past year tomorrow.

According to the report, prepared by Jane Nauss of the Halifax Regional Police, HRM has spent approximately $283,153 in graffiti clean-up in 2010. The report estimates the “collateral costs” associated with graffiti to be more than $1 million.

The report suggests in order to meet the goals set out in the 2006 Graffiti Management Plan, more funding is required.

“In 2006 when the Graffiti Management Plan was first adopted, $50,000 had been allocated within the CAO’s budget,” it reads. “There has been no dedicated corporate funding since.”

The report goes on to say that there are no full time employees working on graffiti prevention or education, and “a thorough analysis of HRM resources is required.”