In today’s marketplace, employees’ expectations are increasing. As a result of these demands, companies are offering greater opportunities and more incentives to continue attracting and retaining top talent.

These “extras” range from frequent employee social events to travel, with employees participating in global competitions or exchange programs and attending international conventions and workshops.

Although company perks attract employees of all ages, students in particular can benefit from some of the academic-related benefits employers are now providing. Because of their educational goals, students may choose to work for companies that offer tuition reimbursement, scholarships and awards. Outside of financial support, mentorship programs that match students with successful employees may provide further benefit.

How can students find organizations that offer some of these great programs? A good place to start is by checking out reports such as the annual Best Employers in Canada.

Compiled by Hewitt Associates, this study measures employee engagement and ranks organizations based on an overall score. An organization makes the list only if its employees think it’s a great place to work.

McDonald’s Canada, named one of the 50 Best Employers for a sixth time, offers scholarships as a way of recognizing student employees for their achievements.

For students, these added incentives can help transform a summer job into more than just a place to work. With the right company, and the right perks, the experience may also result in further personal and educational development.

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