It’s not just about missing her Starbucks London Fog tea — although at $4.50 a cup, more than half her new budget would be used up.

Nor is it the submarine sandwich she’ll have to skip as she races from class to work; on $7.50 a day, the only sandwich Rachel Crane can afford is homemade.

“How many cucumber sandwiches can I eat before I wither away?” asked the fourth-year Brock University student.

Crane is one of four Ontario undergraduates who will spend the next three weeks eating on just $7.50 a day, the amount the province’s student aid program provides for food. In daily blogs and twice-weekly videos, they hope to show the need for Ontario to raise its student loan ceilings.

“What I’ll really miss is the fresh fruit and vegetables you need to be healthy,” said the 22-year-old business major.

“OSAP assumes students should live below the poverty line, and that’s not good, especially for students who need the energy you get from healthy eating.”

The Food For Thought campaign — a sort of OSAP diet that starts today, was launched by the Ontario Undergraduate Students’ Alliance to highlight the fact Queen’s Park has not raised student loan limits in four years.