Re: "MPPs not home for Christmas," Dec. 18:

Kudos for (New Democrat Peter) Kormos!!

Whatever his motivation, it seems that for once a politician has his head and heart in the right place.


The rest should be ashamed that they have to "labour" and "delay" their Christmas break, to work "overtime" to give themselves a raise equal to the annual salary of some poor working voter — who has to work through the holidays to feed or afford a toy for a child, or need to depend on the food bank for a little extra for Christmas dinner.

To justify the raise by saying that it is "the right thing to do" to avoid them "bolting to the greener pastures" is dumber than the Bushisms that flow south of the border.

It explains why people in high positions and huge salaries can abuse the system, engage in unethical practices that, if true, are criminal, quit and instead of investigation and persecution, walk away with a $3 million severance pay.

Meanwhile, if that happened with a rank-and-file worker whose minimum salary could not be raised to $10/hour, he would be fired, get bad references or face criminal charges, making it difficult to get another decent job.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

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