With one week to go in the winter parking ban, Haligonians appear to be getting the message.

From Dec. 14 of last year until Feb. 20, Halifax Regional Municipality issued a total of 9,407 tickets.

In the same period last year, HRM issued 15,796 tickets.

Despite issuing fewer tickets, HRM expects to collect more money after doubling the fine to $50, up from last year’s $25.

HRM communications manager Shaune MacKinlay said the figure may be even higher if people do not pay their fines on time, as the fine increases to $82.96 if not paid within 60 days.

MacKinlay attributes the decrease in tickets to the increased financial deterrent, as well as increased awareness about the ban.

“It’s important to remember that, last year, tickets were $25, so there is a deterrent effect of the higher cost of the tickets,” she said.

“But there’s also … been a greater effort to make people aware of the fact that there is an on-street ban at night.”

The math of it all
• December 2008 to February 2009: 15,796 tickets x $25 ticket=$394,900
• Dec. 14, 2009, to Feb. 20, 2010: 9,407 tickets x $50 ticket=$470,350