When it comes to planning a nursery, even the most design-impaired people end up enjoying it. And with today’s vast array of baby furniture and accessories, don’t be afraid to go bold.


According to interior designer Erin Feasby, co-owner of Toronto-based design firm Feasby & Bleeks Design, after years of being very one-dimensional, nurseries are returning to the full-on decorated look.


“From custom lampshades, use of trim on furnishings, original art and lots of details, it’s really an opportunity to show some personality and have more fun than you might with your everyday rooms,” she says.


Feasby points out that choosing a motif when beginning to plan your nursery — be it nautical, animal, fairy — can help guide you when putting the room together. “Find either a fabric you love, or carpet or bedding — it could even be a great piece of art — and use that as a fun jumping off point,” she advises.

As for colours, Feasby says many parents are also turning to bolder colours including faded black, medium and charcoal grays, chocolate brown, navy with added hits of yellow, orange or red, rather than the traditional pastel pinks and blues.

When it comes to which items to splurge on, Michelle Schmidt, who co-owns Richmond Hill Ont. baby boutique Belly Bumps and Babies with her husband Scott, says without a doubt, it’s the crib.

Not only is the safety and comfort of your baby a huge factor, but Schmidt says many cribs these days, like the eco-friendly Oeuf ones she carries, convert into toddler beds, providing longevity for parents who want to invest in quality furniture.

Both Schmidt and Feasby agree that drapes are one must-have design element in a nursery that many parents are turning to these days. “We actually try and find fabric that is not necessarily suited for a baby, but is just fun.”