The RCMP has started looking at how to continue the police training mission in Afghanistan after the Canadian military pulls out next year, the Mounties’ top man said Saturday.

But Commissioner William Elliot noted there are a number of details and variables to be worked out, among them, who would protect and transport the police trainers as they go about their business in the country.

“We’re at the beginning of looking at options, but there are a lot more questions than answers at the moment,” Elliot told reporters after wrapping up a brief visit to Kandahar.

Defence Minister Peter MacKay dropped a broad hint a few weeks ago that Canada’s continued involvement in Afghanistan would likely revolve around police training, but he gave few specifics.

Elliot said the RCMP is prepared to carry on, but will need the participation of municipal forces across the country, in much the same way it has for other international missions.

“Working with all of the police community in Canada, we’ll be able to carry out whatever task the government of Canada gives us in Afghanistan,” he said.