One might say the next week will be a crappy time to visit the Halifax waterfront.

Beginning Friday, the Halifax Wastewater Treatment Facility will temporarily close to make “essential deficiency repairs.”

The repairs are meant to ensure a more even distribution of wastewater, better operation of the screening system, and more efficient handling of coarse screened material, according to a release from Halifax Water on Thursday.

For the duration of the repairs, expected to last approximately a week, the city’s wastewater will be diverted from the treatment plant and discharged from chambers along the Halifax waterfront.

Halifax Water spokesman James Campbell said the repairs are intended to make the facility more efficient in both the screening and disposal materials.

Campbell also said the deficiencies are not related to the much-publicized early 2009 malfunction of the plant.

“These are deficiencies that were identified prior to the malfunction,” he explained. “This is just an opportune time for the contractor to go ahead and fix those.”

On Jan. 14, 2009, malfunctions caused the facility to be flooded with raw sewage, destroying much of the electrical equipment.

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