OC Transpo bus drivers are finally subject to the same work-rest rules as their colleagues in the rest of the country.

Yesterday, federal Transport Minister John Baird announced rules governing work-rest hours will soon be in place for transit operations under federal jurisdiction.

For over two decades, public transit services operating in Ottawa, Gatineau and Windsor had been exempt from the rules.

“These changes will make it safer for everyone involved, from transit passengers to motorists, and pedestrians,” said Baird. “This will greatly reduce the risk of driver fatigue-related incidents and collisions.”

The new regulations would limit drivers to 14 hours of work per day with at least eight hours between shifts.

The number of hours that bus drivers are eligible to work consecutively and the length of time between shifts were two of the main stumbling blocks in negotiations during the city’s 53-day strike earlier this year.

OC Transpo has six months to introduce the changes after the regulations are published June 10.