B.C.’s You Say Party! We Say Die! try to avoid comparisons



B.C.’s You Say Party! We Say Die! play NXNE this weekend.


They’ve said she sounds like Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They say her band is “dance-punk.” All Becky Ninkovic wants is to feel like You Say Party! We Say Die! is doing something different.


“I want to feel like I’m me and nobody else,” says the lead vocalist of the Abbotsford, B.C. quintet.

Ninkovic says she is learning to accept comparisons to the YYY’s first lady but that she hates it at the same time. “In some ways people just get lazy in journalism and say, ‘Let’s just say they’re like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and that they’re dance-punk. It fits into a nice little package!’”

It’s a package Ninkovic would rather not receive. She says their genre classification is “the most pigeonholed statement that almost every single interview or review of us ever says.” The band’s sophomore album, Lose All Time, proves their transcendence of the category, she insists, saying they wish to break the stigma by stretching out into many different directions. “I think it will take a third album to show people that we’re more than just dance punk.”

However a third album may be difficult to focus on given their love of the road. Much of Lose All Time was written amid touring, while their debut album, Hit The Floor!, was penned primarily in studio. According to Ninkovic, that should be indication enough of the quality of their new release.

“We’re more of a live band than a studio band,” she says. The group wants their music to be an expressive outlet that will draw in those who take in one of their live performances. She laughs, “When you see us live you really understand us. If you were to just listen to our album, you may not get it.”

That means potential misconception for the band’s fans south of the border. YSP! WSD! was denied work visas to the United States, prompting bassist Stephen O’Shea to sneak into the country. When caught, he found himself a five-year ban, disallowing all members from playing there together until 2011.

“The world is much bigger than the States,” says Ninkovic. She feels the restriction has benefited the band, allowing them to go other places like Europe and, hopefully soon, Japan. “I’d encourage people to take a trip up to Canada and come and see us.”

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YSP! WSD! play the Horseshoe as part of North by Northeast this Saturday night.