Rap star DMX was arrested Friday on suspicion of drug possession and animal cruelty after two searches of his home allegedly turned up weapons, drugs, dog carcasses and abused pit bulls.

Phoenix area police said DMX, 37, whose real name is Earl Simmons, initially barricaded himself in his bedroom when officers arrived at his home at 3 a.m. He eventually surrendered without offering further resistance. “We are handling this case as we would any other incident of alleged animal cruelty,” Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas said in a statement. It was the second time this week DMX, who rose to fame with hard-core rap songs and hit albums like It’s Dark and Hell is Hot, has run afoul of Arizona authorities. On Tuesday, state police arrested him for driving at speeds as high as 114 miles per hour (183 kph) on a freeway. Police first raided his home last August. They found 12 distressed pit bulls and three dead animals partially buried on the property as well as a number of firearms. Police staged Friday’s raid to arrest DMX on charges from their initial investigation.

This time, they also found unspecified illegal drugs.

DMX pleaded guilty in New Jersey to animal cruelty charges in 2002 for neglecting some 13 pit bulls, according to news reports. As part of his sentence, he was required to make a public service announcement against animal abuse.