Jordi Morgan will be News 95.7’s new host of Maritime Morning.

A Halifax broadcaster-cum-political-operative, Morgan will be announced today as the replacement for Andrew Krystal. Rick Howe, who has been manning the desk since Andrew Krystal left in the summer, will host a new late-afternoon time-slot.

Morgan said yesterday while the call-in and current-affairs focus of the show will remain, he’ll be bringing his own style starting Monday, Nov. 1.

“My approach is not going to be Andrew’s; it’s not going to be Rick Howe’s; it’s going to be mine,” he said.

After leaving broadcasting, Morgan ran unsuccessfully for the Canadian Alliance in the 2000 federal election. He worked in Ottawa for the office of the leader of the opposition, and later joined the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies.

After managing local businessman Victor Syperek’s failed mayoral campaign in 2004, he worked as an organizer for the Nova Scotia Tories and, most recently, as an election-readiness specialist for the Conservative Party of Canada.

Despite the ties to the Tories, Morgan said the opinions he’ll express on-air will be his own.

“I think it’s incumbent on anyone who’s in broadcasting to at least understand where they are, what other opinions are there and try to get as broad a representation as possible,” he said. “Will I be offering opinions? Yeah. Are they going to be partisan opinions? Well, that depends.”

95.7 adds more talk

News 95.7 is adding another talk show to its weekday lineup, news and programming director Mark Campbell said yesterday.

The new time-slot, from 3 to 7 p.m., will be hosted by Rick Howe. Like the broadcaster’s Maritime Morning and Afternoon News, the program will be produced in the call-in, current-affairs format.

The changes will come into effect on Nov. 1.

Campbell said that there will still be a six-minute news segment at the top and bottom of the hour. He also affirmed that there will be no cuts to the current editorial staff as a result of the changes.

“We’ll still have substantial news (coverage). ... This change that we’re doing — we’re hiring people; we’re not letting people go,” he said.

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