Alanis Morissette is an older and wiser version of the angry rock chick that swept the music charts by storm 12 years ago when her debut album Jagged Little Pill was released.

On her ever-winding path to self-discovery, she seems to have found a few pieces in her latest venture, Flavors Of Entanglement (Warner), produced and co-written by Guy Sigsworth. The result is a haunting mélange of rock and Eastern sounds, electronics and strings.

Singer, songwriter, actress and writer, Alanis Morissette offers a narrative of her life and thoughts, minus the irony of her younger years.

Q You’ve got a lot of new sounds with an Eastern resonance and strings.
A I’ve always leaned toward the scale. That musical scale is so yummy to me. The primary scale is like the primary colours: yellows and reds. The Eastern scale is like purple and blue. So I like the secondary scale or colours a lot. It’s more emotional. To me, anyway.

Q Lyrically, you’re less angry and it’s more about recounting your experiences and sharing your thoughts. Was it a more cathartic album to write?
A It was ... It was like a life raft because I was in the middle of it — it was all done in real time — while I was writing it, which is a different experience than writing in retrospect.

Q In what way?
A There’s an urgency to it and to be honest, if I was home sitting in a corner curled up in a ball, I would have been going crazy. So thankfully, I had to be somewhere at one o’clock every day. That helped!

Q Will you ever write a book?
A I’m writing a book. The outline’s already been done. It’s got photos and essays and articles that I’ve written: self-care practices and humour and a travelogue.

Q When will it be published?
A I think when I’m done touring for this record ... So I would say late next year or the following year.