Fireplaces are among the high-demand household amenities.


Innovation in the building industry usually means an opportunity to get something better for less cost. When it comes to getting an incredibly high quality, authentic brick fireplace, the latest technological advancements gives consumers a better product for less money.


New from DESA Hearth Products is Mosaic Masonry Technology, a process for lining a manufactured fireplace chassis with traditional masonry firebrick, giving buyers luxurious, true brick fireplaces at a fraction of the time and cost of site-built masonry.

According to the National Association of Home Builders (American counterpart of the Canadian Home Builder’s Association), fireplaces are among the three most highly demanded household amenities and boost the value of a typical home by around $12,000. The most sought after fireplaces are brick fireplaces – with their timeless elegance. But installing a brick fireplace on site is a tedious, labour-intensive, time-consuming and extremely expensive endeavour. With the new Mosaic Masonry technology, consumers can have the look of old-world craftsmanship at a fraction of the cost.

Mosaic Masonry fireplaces are factory built, zero-clearance fireplaces lined with stainless steel template panels on the inner walls and hearth. The Mosaic firebricks are pre-cut to securely snap into the corresponding templates. They are then grouted into place to create an elegant, masonry-finished fireplace. Installation can be done by a trained installer in a few hours, making them significantly cheaper to produce than a traditional site-built brick fireplace.

Mosaic built fireplaces can be wood-burning or plumbed for gas. They are ideal for any style of home or condominium because they are light weight and easy to install. Their versatility and ease of installation have made Mosaic fireplaces a hot trend for home remodelling projects as well. People have used them in trendy outdoor rooms, kitchens, ensuite bathrooms and even bedrooms as well as traditional living/dining rooms and dens.

With a dwindling pool of skilled masons available in the building industry, innovations like Mosaic Masonry fireplaces have become popular alternatives. This exciting technology allows consumers to have the aesthetic benefits of an authentic masonry fireplace at an affordable price.