Star Wars creator explores supercar world



A stunning example of cutting-edge technology and beauty, the first street-legal Mosler MT900S was delivered recently to George Lucas, of Star Wars and American Graffiti movie fame. Lucas’ space-age ship came in Darth Vader black with a black interior, though


Few would disagree that noted American film director, producer and screenwriter George Lucas, an avowed high-performance auto aficionado, could buy and car on the planet.


So it’s quite appropriate that he chose the car Darth Vader would drive — a stunning black-on-black Mosler MT900S.

In mid-December, at his ranch in San Rafael, Calif., Lucas, who created American Graffiti and the epic Star Wars saga, took delivery of the first street-legal production Mosler MT900S. He first became interested in the supercar six months ago when his 13-year-old son brought a car magazine into his office. The boy was fascinated by the Mosler and it caught Lucas’ eye as well. After a few phone calls, an order was placed.

"I was drawn to its looks, its power, its use of high-tech materials and, of course, its speed," said Lucas, who also owns a Ferrari F 360.

The filmmaker ordered his car with an all-black interior and exterior, rear wing delete option and an Alpine 12-disc CD changer/stereo with a lightweight carbon fibre subwoofer enclosure. In addition, the seats and interior were custom fit to Lucas’ personal dimensions. The final tab for the father of Luke Skywalker came to a stratospheric $203,000 US.

The car was delivered personally by Mike Vietro, owner of Mosler Mike Motorsports, the exclusive North American distributor for Mosler Automotive.

The MT900S is intended as the ultimate road-going street car for a discriminating group of enthusiasts, collectors and investors capable of appreciating its performance to the fullest.

The low-slung two-seater utilizes carbon fibre and Kevlar composites in its body panels, floor and doors. The result is a 1,088 kg (2400-lb), fully certified street car powered by a 435 horsepower, aluminum V8 that goes like a rocket, accelerating from a standstill to 100 km/h in a little over three seconds.