Sanjay Latha, 34, was severely depressed. She felt nobody would miss her. She purchased sleeping pills so she could end her sad and lonely life.

But she thought it would be unfair for her husband to be left with caring for their young daughters. So the Mississauga housewife mixed 20 sleeping pills in a pot of milk on Jan. 30 and poured some in her two-year-old daughter’s baby bottle and gave her five-year-old daughter a cup of the deadly mixture.


But when her older daughter started to vomit, she tried to make her two-year-old throw up as well. A phone call to her husband led to a call to her family doctor and a 911 call ultimately saved their lives.

The chemistry major from India pleaded guilty yesterday in a Brampton courtroom to two counts of attempted murder by spiking her daughters’ milk with sleeping pills.

Her daughters suffered no lasting physical injuries and are being cared for by her husband of 10 years.