WOODSTOCK, Ont. - The family of missing eight-year-old Victoria Stafford is planning a charity motorcycle ride to raise money and keep the case in the public eye.

At a news conference today in Woodstock, Ont., the girl's mother Tara McDonald once again pleaded for the safe return of her daughter, who has been missing for almost two weeks.

McDonald's aunt Linda Jacklin says "Tori's Ride Home" will be held May 2 to raise money for "mental help" from psychiatrists and psychologists and to create a trust fund for Tori and her brother Daryn.

McDonald says she hopes Tori will be returned to her by the time the ride takes place so it will be a celebration of her return.

She also says Tori's disappearance has been difficult on 10-year-old Daryn.

McDonald said Sunday night was the first time he had slept in his room since Tori went missing, and he came downstairs crying because he could see his sister's empty room.

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