A 60-year-old employee of a moving company has been killed after being pinned between two large vans.

The accident happened Saturday afternoon in a quiet neighbourhood in Beaumont, just south of Edmonton.

A significant snowfall overnight left roads slushy and witnesses say one of the moving trucks became stuck.

The man was hooking up a chain between the two vehicles so one could pull the other one free when the stuck van suddenly lurched forward.

He was crushed between the vehicles.

Police say it’s believed the man who was killed was related to his co-worker on the two-man crew.

People living in the neighbourhood were stunned by the accident.

“I just can’t believe that someone is gone today,” said Shanelle Goudreau. “It’s shocking.”

Occupational Health and Safety will be conducting an investigating.

Beaumont is just south of Edmonton, roughly two kilometres outside the city boundary.

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