Cameras rolled while the puck dropped over and over again at Rexall Place yesterday, as mock teams Canada, Russia and USA battled on ice.

Filming for Sure Shot Dombrowski 2: The Coaching Years is in full swing in Edmonton, one of the?Alberta shooting locations.

Though no former Oilers were cast for the film, players include ex-NHLers from the San Jose Sharks and New Jersey Devils.

“It doesn’t take much to shoot a puck around these parts and hit somebody that plays hockey,” director Tim McKort said, adding former semi-pro and former American League players laced up skates for shooting.

McKort has high hopes for the film, and hopes it will inspire aspiring Alberta filmmakers.

“Edmonton is a phenomenal place to get a crew together, wonderfully talented actors and comic improvisers. Everything we have is right here,” he said.

Shooting will continue around Edmonton over the next week. The movie will likely hit the festival circuit and theatres in September.

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