Genre: Action

Director: John Singleton

Stars: Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins, Alfred Molina


Abduction is supposed to be Twilight third wheel Taylor Lautner’s breakout role as not only an actor who can headline a film but also as an action star.

Unfortunately, he picked a project that is poorly written and lazily executed. Lautner is a high school student whose work on a class project about missing persons leads him to a website featuring a photo of a familiar face: his own.

Soon, a chain of events unfolds that leaves the people he thought were his parents dead and him and the girl next door (Lily Collins) on the run.


In theory, this should be a terse thriller. But instead, Abduction is a teen angst-ridden film. But any concerns about the quality of the movie certainly won’t stop his rabid Twilight fans from showing up.

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