Genre: Comedy/Musical

Director: James Bobin

Stars: Amy Adams, Jason Segel and Chris Cooper


There may have been better films released in 2011, but this critic is hard pressed to think of a better movie than The Muppets, writer/star Jason Segel and director James Bobbin’s revamp of the beloved ’70s TV series as well as the expanded big screen franchise that followed.

It’s perfect entertainment, ferociously funny and far out.

Segel is perfect as Gary, who lives a candy-coated life with his muppet obsessed, felt and faux fur covered brother Walter, and his sunny, long suffering girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams).


When the trio head to Hollywood to make Walter’s dreams of meeting Kermit and company come true, they become embroiled in a scheme to save the muppet theatre from a scowling, rapping oil baron (Chris Cooper).

Filled to the gills with chirpy, catchy pop songs and subversive gags, The Muppets works as both a nostalgia piece for parents and a wild romp for kids.

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