While home hunting will be much more pleasant these spring and summer days, there are differences buyers should be aware of between the seasonal markets.

The first thing to take note of is the fact that with spring comes action. The types of properties that lasted 1-2 weeks when Jack Frost was running wild, will disappear within a few days now.

This means changing up your strategy; an extreme priority needs to be put on assessing new properties as they arise. Those appealing properties need to be assessed by your realtor to determine if waiting even 24 to 48 hours for a showing risks losing out on the property.

This isn’t to suggest that the only way to get the home you want is to jump blindly into something. For most of us our weeks are a busy, hectic journey between the last weekend and the next. As such we have limited time for things even as important as home shopping. On two separate occasions last month I suggested to two different clients that they free up their Sunday evening because a suitable property had come up Saturday, which wouldn’t see the light of Monday morning.

Both properties were sold by Monday afternoon. Before we know it spring and summer will be behind us.

Happy Hunting!

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