TORONTO - Embattled MP Ruby Dhalla is expected to appear Tuesday before a federal parliamentary committee that will hear high-profile allegations that foreign caregivers working at her family's home were mistreated.

Also expected to testify before the committee are the two caregivers at the heart of the allegations against Dhalla.

Dhalla has strongly denied allegations that she withheld the passports of the caregivers and paid them only a fraction of the minimum wage.

The two caregivers told their stories to Ontario Labour Minister Peter Fonseca and Ontario Education Minister Kathleen Wynne during a roundtable discussion last month, and critics have accused the two ministers of staying quiet because the complaints involved a prominent Liberal MP.

Fonseca has offered to testify, but the minister's office said the committee was unable to accommodate him Tuesday.

Dhalla, who has given up her post as Liberal multiculturalism critic while she seeks to clear her name, has called the allegations an attack on her political career.

Dhalla, along with the caregivers, are listed as witnesses to testify Tuesday at the standing committee on citizenship and immigration.