Tenants have a right to sleep tight and not let the bedbugs bite, says Liberal MPP Mike Colle.

Inspired by Toronto Star columnist Joe Fiorito’s crusade against bedbugs in public housing, low-income rental units, and seniors’ homes, Colle on Thursday will introduce private member’s legislation to protect tenants against the nasty parasites.

“It seems to be so persistent, these things won’t go away — it’s like a real scourge,” the Eglinton-Lawrence MPP said in an interview yesterday.

The Renters’ Right to Know Act would shield people from having to endure the unpleasantness of bedbug bites in their rented houses and apartments.

“As much as the city is trying to deal with it and public health is trying to deal with it, I think we need to get it up another level to really try to tackle this thing, because it just destroys people’s lives,” said Colle.

“I’ve had a 90-year-old constituent of mine that was crying because she got rid of all her furniture, had the place fumigated, bought new furniture, brought it in and they came back again,” he said.

“So it not only affects your health, it really affects your whole state of mind.”

Colle’s legislation would amend the 2006 Residential Tenancies Act “to require landlords to disclose any information with respect to bedbugs in the rental unit or the residential complex before a tenancy agreement is entered into.” That would entail a “bedbug information report” to be presented by a landlord to a prospective tenant prior to the signing of any lease.