MPP pay hike fine, but 25 per cent?

Published : January 05, 2007



Re: "Response to reader’s letter (Jan. 4):


I don’t understand how (reader) Sean Devlin can sit there and state that a 25 per cent pay hike for MPP’s is justifiable.


I don’t sit here saying that they do not deserve a pay hike. However, 25 per cent?

I do not know any employer who, in this economy, can justify a 25 per cent pay hike to their employees and, let’s be practical, they are employees.

If you notice, everyone in the higher levels of government (including the courts) have received an increase in their pay that has been extremely high.

A pay increase of 10-15 per cent would have been considered fine in the eyes of the people, as well as sufficient.

Devlin seems to think that one cannot do a good job if they are not being paid a high amount of money.

I do not deny that more money tends to make one feel a little more like they matter to the organization, but to state that "we’re going to end up with second rate politicians running this vital province if we do not raise MPP’s salaries..." ...WHAT!?

So what he’s saying is that the MPPs will not do their job properly if they are not paid more money. I would think that, as elected officials, they would perform their jobs to the best of their abilities and that we as the general public would not elect someone who wishes to perform their job as a "second rate politician."

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