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Muammar Gaddafi's serenade to Condoleeza Rice

Even iron-fisted dictators have a softer side.

Just when you thought the creepiest crush in political history couldn't get any creepier...

We already knew Muammar Gaddafi thought Condoleeza Rice was the bee's knees, as a creepy scrapbook discovered when Libyan rebels raided his compound made clear. But now the plot has thickened, as Condi (or "Leeza," as her not-so-secret admirer liked to call
her) reveals in her new memoir that Gaddafi even went so far as to have a
song written for her.

She recalls a 2008 meeting that ended with Gaddafi showing her the scrapbook that was filled with photos of her.

"What was going through my head was 'How long do I have to sit here and
how quickly can I get out of here?' You know, it was funny because when
he said, 'I have a video for you,' I thought, ‘Oh my goodness, what is
this going to be?' But it was actually just a bunch of pictures of me
with Vladimir Putin, me with Hu Jin Tao," she told ABC's George
Stephanopoulos in an interview slated to air October 31. "And then he said, 'I have Libya’s best composer, most famous composer write this song for you.'"

The best part of this song? Its title: "Black Flower in the White House."

"And I thought, 'Well this is a really, really strange, strange moment
in my time as secretary of state,'" Rice told Stephanopoulos.

Condi never did, however, get to hear the lyrics put to music.
Stephanopoulos said Rice told him that revolutions never end the way you
want. What heroic composer wants to finish the job? We will give a lifetime supply of free Metros to anyone who does.

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