Shots rang out in a Dartmouth neighbourhood yesterday morning.

Several people in the Topsail Drive and Spar Crescent area called the police shortly before 10:30 a.m. to report shots being fired from one vehicle towards another. Both vehicles were driving through the area at the time.

Investigating officers found several spent casings on the street and at two residences. There were casings being gathered in the gutter of one home, and bullets hit an oil tank of another.


There were no injuries reported and the police have made no arrests. Neighbours told the media that about five shots were fired.

“It’s brazen anytime there is gunfire,” Const. Jeff Carr of the Halifax Regional Police said.

“It’s a serious crime and it’s perpetrated by people who obviously have no regard for human life.”

This is the second time in less than a month that shots have been fired from one vehicle towards another.

On March 5, police responded to a report of gunshots heard on Windmill Road near the intersection with Victoria Road in Burnside.

On-scene investigators determined there were multiple shots fired from a vehicle travelling outbound on Windmill, directed at a second vehicle also travelling outbound along Windmill.

No one was hurt in this incident either.

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