After hearing from 27 witnesses and being presented with 300 exhibits, jurors will soon decide if Nicola Puddicombe is guilty of masterminding the grisly axe murder of Dennis Hoy, her boyfriend of 11 years.

For the last two days of her first-degree murder trial, jurors heard the Crown and defence present their theories on who was responsible for delivering six blows to the head of the 36-year-old GO Transit special constable as he slept in Puddicombe’s bed.

Crown attorney Tom Lissaman said in his closing submissions Wednesday that Puddicombe, 36, and her lesbian lover, Ashleigh Pechaluk, 25, were “entwined” in the plot, though Puddicombe was calling the shots. Pechaluk was acquitted by a jury in June.

Defence lawyer Richard Stern told jurors the reverse was true. Pechaluk was a younger-by-a-decade seductress who lured Puddicombe into her first same-sex relationship and quietly hatched the murderous plot behind her back.

But Lissaman portrayed Puddicombe as a master manipulator who cultivated a “sinister persona” of Hoy in order to instill fear, anger and desperation in Pechaluk.

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