Food left from New Year’s Day is still on the table at Bolsa Vietnamese Restaurant, the site of a brutal massacre where three men were murdered, at least one of them a well-known gang member.

The southeast eatery is closed and taped off due to police investigations, but Dan Tran, the owner’s wife, who was on-scene on New Year’s Day, is hoping to reopen next week.

“We have people who come in here every day, and they’ll come back,” she said. “We were one of the few restaurants open on New Year’s Day. That’s why the [alleged] gang members came here. I don’t think I’ve seen them before. Maybe just once, a year ago.”

While Tran hopes to get into her restaurant to begin the cleanup to once again open for customers, it’s business as usual for other shops in the southeast strip mall, despite the gang-related crime happening so close to them.

Debbie Jiang, manager of the Asian Buffet, said that most of her customers acknowledge that this type of crime happens everywhere.

“They just want to know what kind of people they were,” she said of customers inquiring about the people involved in the shooting. “But they still come here.”

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