Investigators say a man who stabbed his common law wife to death and then leapt to his own death last weekend was known to police.

Police also confirmed they had been to the residence previously, but wouldn’t confirm why.

“We were aware there were some domestic situations involved with the family and there was a restraining order in place. She attained the restraining order through a lawyer,” Acting Staff Sgt. John Guigon of the domestic conflict unit said, adding police weren’t involved in the restraining order.

Police remain tight-lipped about details surrounding the confirmed murder-suicide on Saturday but said 30-year-old John Buzo stabbed his common law partner Tubi Kawaja, 35, to death. He then jumped off their sixth floor Eau Claire apartment balcony and was found dead Saturday morning. A young child was found physically unharmed in the apartment.

Guigon said police are called to more than 12,000 domestic related issues a year.

“It’s one of our most frequent calls for service we receive,” he added.

Homicide Staff Sgt. Patty McCallum said police found “weapons” at the apartment but wouldn’t confirm what type or how many times the victim was stabbed, but did say she was found in the bedroom.

“Certain aspects are still under investigation,” she said.

McCallum said police tried to determine whether the three-year-old child had information or witnessed the tragic event, but the little boy didn’t provide any details.

He is still in the care of child services but police say Kawaja’s family hopes to take custody of him.

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