More than a month after family members found 40-year-old Preshandra Pillay bleeding and beaten in the doorway of his south-side apartment building, police have charged a man in connection with his death.

Sean Luther Reaugh, 30, was quietly taken into custody Tuesday, and was charged with second-degree murder, robbery, credit card fraud and two breaches of probation.

Police spokeswoman Karen Carlson said it’s believed the victim and suspect were at a strip club at 78 Avenue and 71 Street the evening of July 7.

“The victim wound up leaving Showgirls and, a short time after that, is when the suspect and possibly others followed. That’s when the assault occurred,” she said, adding it’s believed the victim and suspect were strangers.

It’s believed the victim and suspects had little to no interaction in the club before the attack, Carlson added.

The manhunt began after Pillay died in hospital. He was alive and speaking coherently when taken away from his condo complex at 79 Avenue and 71 Street. Family members told Metro in previous interviews his skull was cracked, and he bled to death.

Police are withholding the official cause of death. Police are searching for additional suspects. Photos of a man sought in connection with the killing circulated after the murder, a man police have not yet found.

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