More than 50,000 Muslims in the Edmonton area will be celebrating Ramadan for the next month.

According to the chair of Edmonton Council of the Muslim Community, Masood Peracha, 13 mosques and prayer centres around the city are expected to be filled with those of Muslim faith praying in honour of worshipping Allah.

“It’s a time of reflection,” Peracha said.

Ramadan, which is well-known for a long period of fasting, is about much more than that, Edmonton Muslim Women’s leader, Samina Mian, said.

“It’s not just about the food and water — you don’t lie, cheat or drink,” Mian said. “Your level of righteousness increases for this month.”

The month of fasting for Muslims across the world is a time to self-reflect and ask for forgiveness, guidance and ultimately to a time of purification Mian said. No food or drink is consumed from sunrise to sunset. The holy time also includes daily prayers in honour of worshipping Allah.

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