Scenting a new men’s fragrance



In brand image terms, there are few products to compare with the Ford Mustang. Just ask the marketers of Estée Lauder’s Aramis brand, who recently introduced a Mustang fragrance for men.


Sales of Mustang have galloped beyond expectations. In its first week of sales at Sears’ stores throughout the U.S., it was the top-selling fragrance.


The Sears launch included on-site promotions at 39 locations with Mustang vehicles on display, free samples for shoppers and radio station remotes with disc jockeys inviting listeners to come in and try the new fragrance. Further summer roll-outs will see Mustang in other mass market outlets by this fall.

“The most powerful thing about the Mustang brand over the past 43 years is how it’s matured from a car brand into a lifestyle brand,” said John Nens, manager of Ford Brand Licensing and part of the team that negotiated the licensing agreement.

“You don’t necessarily have to own the car to want merchandise with the Mustang name on it. The brand is more about an attitude and personality that appeals to young and old, male and female, rich and poor.”

So what does Mustang fragrance smell like? According to the Sears website: “The invigorating scent is bright and musky with lavender, ginger, and lemon and undertones of pipe tobacco and cedarwood, while the base is finished with amber, fir balsam, and patchouli.”

Since 60 per cent of men’s fragrances are sold to women who give them as gifts to their fathers, brother, sons and boyfriends, Nens sees the association with Aramis as a logical fit.