Calling their stories an inspiration to the community that surrounds them, one generous Calgarian spent the afternoon at an inside tour of the Mustard Seed yesterday.

The Mustard Seed Foothills shelter invited Calgarians such as Carol Bartel out to hear the stories of clients and get a
firsthand look at the facility.

“My mother and I have donated clothing,blankets and fabrics and such, and I would like to volunteer here, so I just wanted to get a closer look,” she said.

And after listening to stories from clients, she had even more appreciation for the Mustard Seed.


“Just hearing the stories straight from their mouths and the hope they have, it’s just so inspirational.”

Mustard Seed managing director Steve Griffin said he was happy with the response from the community yesterday.

“This place is more than just a shelter and food, it’s employment, treatment, education and much more,” he said.

Griffin spoke to the few dozen on hand including Aldermen John Mar and Ric McIver.

“There is a lot of history here, in 15 short months. People come here to put their lives back together and we’re here to help them move forward,” Griffin added.

And those words were evident as people like Frank spoke to the crowd, about the hope and help he had received.

"They don’t judge you by your clothes, your addictions, your problems. They are just here to help you, put a roof over your head, feed you and cloth you. They help you get back on track,” the former client said.

Maria and Peter are current clients of the Mustard Seed and spoke about the help they have received and were happy to see people from the community come out to hear their stories.

“I think it gives people a reality check and a chance to see what we’re all about,” Peter said.

“Anyone can become homeless. It can happen. It’s just kind of back to basics for us,” Maria added.

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