To celebrate its 25th birthday, the Mustard Seed is doing what it does best: Giving gifts to others.

Yesterday at EMS headquarters, Pat Nixon, CEO of the Mustard Seed, presented EMS services and the Centre City Team — which focuses on inner-city work — with a plaque featuring dozens of signatures and thank-yous from people the team has helped at the Seed.

“You’re on the top of the list as to who we want to show our appreciation to,” Nixon said at the unveiling ceremony.

But the plaque couldn’t contain them all — Nixon rolled out about another four feet of paper with more expressions of gratitude from residents at the centre.

Ryan Collyer, a Centre City Team member for a year and a half, said it was a fantastic and touching gesture that meant more than a “canned” plaque could ever mean.

“To me it shows we’re making a difference,” Collyer said, adding that it’s been an excellent experience for him.

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