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Occupation: Actor

Name: Peter Miller

Occupation: Actor

Name: Gabe McCall

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MVP — the CBC’s version of the U.K.’s Footballers’ Wives (swap the soccer for hockey in our case) — is about to skate off season, but that hasn’t stopped a flood of reader requests to profile the three male leads from the slickly produced, skin-baring Canadian drama series.

Firstly, there’s Dallas-born/ Oakville-raised Dillon Casey. With degrees in economics and environmental science, the 24-year-old was dreading a life in a cubicle until fate crosschecked his career. He had just graduated from the University of Toronto and was starving for the part of Trevor Lemonde, the star rookie recruit of The Mustangs in MVP.

“I had to do the underwear model scene,” recalls Casey, 24, of his call back. “I had to take my shirt off, hold a hockey stick and scream like an animal. Just your average audition.”

He landed the part and a workout regimen from hell ensued. “I’m a nerd in a jock’s body,” insists Casey. Nevertheless, given the amount of locker room and bedroom scenes, having a buffed bod is essential.

“There’s a sock and shoelace,” mumbles Casey when asked about the nude scenes. “My mom doesn’t really like it. My dad makes fun of me. My friends, they think it’s cool that I’m on TV. They don’t really want to see my ass all the time, but they’re proud that it’s their friend’s ass.”

On this topic of asses, Casey crosses paths with his nemesis on the series, Peter Miller. Miller, a widely recognized face in the showbiz circles in Quebec — he’s bilingual and lives in Montreal — garnered national attention for his portrayal of the closeted cop in the film adaptation of the stage comedy, Mambo Italiano in 2003.

Billed as “The Lover” on MVP, Miller gets to flex his chops as the demon-plagued, womanizing Damon Trebuchet.

Miller’s veteran status on the show is echoed in his status as a seasoned actor.

Born in Chibougamau, Que., Miller was in Toronto for a day to do press and was jammed with back-to-back interviews, not to mention a shooting schedule comprising four other shows.

Lucas Bryant is also living out his acting dreams on MVP. He plays Gabe McCall, a.k.a. “The Nice Guy.”

In real life, however, Bryant is all-out cocky.

“Everyone says ‘MVP? Oh, it’s like Soccer Wives or whatever,’ and I’m like ‘No, MVP is not like Soccer Wives. First of all, soccer wives drive mini vans.’ Oh wait, that’s soccer moms.”

Bryant was born in Elmira, Ont. and currently lives in Los Angeles. When asked about his female co-stars, McCall confesses: “They’re awful. Terrible to each other. Hair-pulling. Fingernail-clawing. Just horrible people.”

  • The season finale of MVP airs tomorrow on the CBC at 9 p.m.

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