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My resolution: Be a better designer

It's nearing the end of the year and my list of resolutions are pilingup; lose weight, eat healthily, live a stress-less life...

It's nearing the end of the year and my list of resolutions are piling up; lose weight, eat healthily, live a stress-less life...

But my biggest resolution is to complete all the small decorating projects that have been lingering since the renovation of my house last year. Drapes in the dining room, a new faucet in the guest bathroom and a carpet runner for the upstairs hallway are just a few. Here's a list of other forgotten decor chores that could use some updating, all of which will make me a hipper decorator, I'm sure.

Updating my look
It's time to re-frame a few older pieces of art; the ones with the 1970's frames are in desperate need of a facelift. A simple frame with a soft metallic sheen (either silver or gold) can make any piece of art feel updated. I'm digging out the measuring tape making sure that all my art is hung approximetly 66 inches from the floor to the middle of the art. Lowering my artowrk will actually make my celings look taller (great design trick) and give it new perspective.

Being a warmer person
My dining room window desperatly needs fabric and the master bedroom needs some warming up. I'm thinking of a lightweight plain wool fabric with a coloured ribbon sewn onto the inside edge and across the bottom. Having my drapes lined in polar fleece-type fabric will give it a full body, block sun and provide great insulation from the heat and cold.

Getting in shape
I have a beautiful dining table but its not the right shape for the space I've allotted for dinner parties. My space is square, therefore I need a round or square shaped table. My fabulous oval table is overbearing in the square space and should find a new home in a longer, rectangular room. My ideal table would have a pedestal base, corner legs tend to get in the way when squeezing extra guests at the table.

Becoming hip
It's time for an update... My "Barely There" alabaster-coloured paint is washing itself out and my walls are crying for more oomph. I'm thinking about giving into the trend of darker walls and a rich, warm grey will add drama and cool down all the neutral taupe, brown and cream that I have collected in sofas, area rugs and wood furniture. Perhaps a few new pillows, lampshades and glass vases in colours like bright yellow or purple will help keep my living room on trend without a huge investment.

What is your decorating resolution for this year? Is it to add more personality to your space; to complete the furnishings or to add a new colour to the walls? I'd love to hear about your plans and projects so please send a photo (I always love to see ugly before shots) and a short description of what decorating projects you are up to. Happy decorating in the new year!

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