Mike Myers created the voice for his new movie’s character Pitka to cheer ill friends up, according to imdb.com.


The funnyman has been working on his The Love Guru character for years and came up with the comic spiritual leader’s Indian voice in an effort to give sick pals a laugh.


He explains, “The Seat Of The Soul was a book I read that I saw on Oprah and I loved it.


“This is a guy who was a green beret and he was also a physicist. When I talked about what I was reading philosophically, this mellifluous voice would emerge.


“My friends loved it and, in fact, would ask me to call them when they were not feeling well in that voice: ‘You have a cold?’

“This is the universe telling you to be with yourself because the only way out is in.’”

In the upcoming movie Pitka attempts to help a Toronto Maple Leafs player overcome personal problems.