He was the only person in court not paid to be there, and you could not miss him.

Dressed all in black, his face all but covered in black tattoos, Bob Graham, 39, sat in the back of a Milton courtroom Thursday morning for a brief video-link appearance by Ashley Kirilow, the 23-year-old Burlington woman who gained international notoriety when she admitted to faking cancer to collect money for herself and is now facing multiple fraud charges.

After almost two weeks spent behind bars, Kirilow will have a chance to be released from jail Friday after her lawyer, Brendan Neil, told the court his client was ready for a bail hearing.

Graham, who wore dark sunglasses and a black cowboy-styled hat, offered to post bail for Kirilow, according to Neil, who refused to provide any other details or say if Graham would be returning Friday to post bail.

“There have been offers to support her in that regard (by posting bail),” Neil said, but refused to elaborate.

Graham would not give any comment to reporters at court and when reached at home in the afternoon he again refused to say anything about the case or his interest in it.

Kirilow’s father, Mike, told the Star earlier this week that Graham called him last weekend to ask if he could post bail for his daughter.

Kirilow said he was concerned about Graham’s motives because he had never met the man before, and as far as he knew Graham had never met his daughter. Kirilow added that he feared people might be trying to “cash in” on his daughter’s story.