The woman who drove accused murderer Ryan Jenkins to the Hope motel where he committed suicide could face up to six months in jail if she helped him enter Canada, police said yesterday.

“Criminal charges are a possibility if anybody assisted him in entering Canada without reporting at a port of entry to a Canada border services officer,” said Cpl. Norm Massie of the federal border integrity program. “That’s an offence under the Customs Act.”

Massie wouldn’t confirm if Ryan Jenkins’ half-sister, Alena, is a suspect. A silver PT Cruiser with Alberta plates, matching the car that dropped Jenkins off at the Thunderbird Motel on Aug. 20, was discovered Tuesday in the parking garage of the Coal Harbour condo where she lives.

It was still parked there yesterday, with its back bumper pressed to the wall, concealing the licence plate.

Alena’s mother is reported to live in Point Roberts, Wash., where Jenkins’ boat was discovered Aug. 20.

Jenkins was wanted in connection with the murder of his wife, Jasmine Fiore, whose mutilated body was found in a Buena Park, Calif., dumpster on Aug. 15.

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