281 Kent St.
(613) 233-3626

Signature Dish: Moussaka ($14)
Rating: ***
Dinner & drinks for 2: $45

At Mystiko you’ll find authentic Greek cuisine where recipe secrets have been whispered from grandfather to grandson.

From the appetizer menu, we enjoyed grilled octopus ($11), which was coaxed to tenderness by being marinated first and then lightly grilled. The calamari ($9) was deep-fried in a batter that had the lightness of tempura, taking away the richness usually associated with this appetizer. It was served with a vibrant, garlic-infused tzatziki.

There’s good value for money here with many mains under the $20 dollar mark including the most well-known Greek dish, Moussaka ($14). Layers of meat and eggplant, with an overpowering nutmeg tone, was large and satisfying with a crunchy Greek salad on the side.

Another large portioned main was the Kotopoullo Athena ($16), tender, stuffed with feta and spinach and ladled with a sauce that needed more oomph.

The dessert options include many popular Greek sweets. A fill-the-plate sized piece of Baklava ($5) promised belt-loosening. The Vanilla Kadaifi ($5) was my siren song: a layer of shredded wheat pastry, underneath toasted mixed nuts and a strong vanilla pudding layer, lightened with whipped cream and a sprinkle of almonds on top. Each bite promising sweetness, crunch and heaven.

When you visit Mystiko, you can enjoy unpretentious, genuine Greek food, an all-Greek wine list, and long for the Mediterranean breeze. Opa.