HALIFAX - Nova Scotia's Liberal environment critic is calling for
the province to be more open and transparent about the Bay of Fundy
tidal energy project.


Andrew Younger says the NDP government has
failed to announce the members of an environmental advisory panel
overseeing the project to place test turbines in the Bay of Fundy.


says he's thrilled the province is exploring the potential of tidal
power in the bay but adds he's shocked it hasn't revealed the panel's


The member for Dartmouth East says that the process must
be “fully transparent” in order for the tidal project to be a
financial, environmental and public success.


Nova Scotia Power
intends to place a 10-metre-wide turbine on the bottom of the bay in
late October or early November to test the feasibility of harnessing
the world's highest tides. Two other companies plan to put similar test
turbines in the water next year.