There’s $500,000 in this year’s provincial budget to review provincial taxes. But Leanne Hachey, Atlantic vice-president of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, said business has been telling government for years the tax burden is too high.

“Businesses in Nova Scotia need to be able to compete in a global environment, and right now our businesses aren’t able to do that,” Hachey said.

The provincial budget offers a $250 increase in everyone’s basic personal tax exemption, but Hachey said more tax cuts are needed.


The Halifax Chamber of Commerce gave the budget an overall score of C on a report card released yesterday afternoon. The Chamber was pleased with the focused spending and approach to debt management, but said the budget fell short in economic vision and tax competitiveness.

“We applaud the application of the Crown Share revenues to the debt and to the government’s continued commitment to balanced budgets, but Nova Scotia needs more tax innovation,” said Gavin MacDonald, chair of the Chamber’s provincial affairs committee.

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