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Nailing that '70s look

In case you haven’t noticed, ’70s-style maxi dresses and flared jeans are ruling spring.

In case you haven’t noticed, ’70s-style maxi dresses and flared jeans are ruling spring.

But here’s the thing about decade comebacks.

First, they come fast and furious.

For example, next fall will be all about the 60s — A-line dresses and skirts (and to a lesser extent, 90s grunge.) So choose wisely which disco-flavoured looks to invest in and resist the urge to blindly follow the trend cycle.

Nothing feels worse than pulling something out of your closet and realizing it feels dated merely six months after you’ve bought it.

Second, you don’t want to interpret these decade-specific moments too literally. Search through the attic for your mom’s old silk blouses and flowy dresses.

But stay far, far away from her bell bottoms — that is, unless you want people to think you’re in costume. It’s about updating the look in a modern way.

Think Diana Ross’s daughter, Tracee, wearing one of her mother’s old dresses with a pair of Vivienne Westwood boots on a sunny stroll in L.A., rather than Diana herself in a kimono dripping candle wax down her chest and screaming, “I’m a winner baby!”?in that 1970s classic Mahogany.

As far as longevity goes, I’ve put my money on the season’s billowy dresses, which nod to the sexy, good-time vibe the decade is known for, but stops just short of camp.

I like that they give you just the slightest hint of Bianca Jagger at Studio 54, not to mention they can easily move from the office (depending on your line of work) to a summer rooftop party.

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